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Welcome to the home page of the Herbal Community of Central Massachusetts.

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Next Meeting  Sunday February 19, 2017 2:00pm Sterling Old Town Hall  Guest Speaker Marie Cargill  Marie Cargill is a Boston-based expert in alternative medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, Western herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Supplements and Nutrition.  Marie Cargill has been a holistic practitioner, a licensed acupuncturist, a registered herbalist, and a homeopathy proponent for both pets and their people for 30 years.   She is the author of several books including Cancer and Your Pet A Guide to Alternative and Integrative Treatmentmariecargill.com

Meetings are held in the Old Sterling Town Hall. Come and join the discussion.


2017 International Herb Symposium Registration

You are joyfully invited to the International Herbal Symposium held at Wheaton College from

June 9 to 11, 2017!

Find below website for information on Registration, Lodging, Meals, Intensives, the Veterinarians Track, the Cultivation & Conservation Track, and pre-ordering the Symposium Proceedings Book. Children and Teens are welcome this year!

If you have any questions please email us at office@internationalherbsymposium.com, or call (802) 322-3550. ​You can find information about vending, children’s programs, work-study and scholarships, as well as more detailed information including the schedule, on the IHS website, www.internationalherbsymposium.com. The IHS is committed to creating a safe and welcoming gathering.


Upcoming Meetings
March Meeting: BYO High Tea Materials March will be a working meeting followed by a High Tea.

Previous Meetings

January's Meeting

Dr Dennis Cicconne B.S.,D.C. led us through a follow-up discussion of the Cancer and Herbal Treatment Panel.  A graduate of New York Chiropractic College in 2005, Dr. Cicconne maintains a practice  in Lancaster MA. https://twwclinics.com/lancaster-ma/

December Member Meeting - Herbal Holiday Party
Our meeting on  December 11th, was HCOCM's  Annual Holiday Potluck Party. Member and herbalist, Linda Russell led a discussion about creative herbal gifts we can all make for the holidays. During her talk she also taught us to make a traditional herbal gift. Each of us made an aromatic holiday clove pomander. It was amazing to consider all the possibilities that herbs are used for to make beautiful and healthful holiday gifts for family and friends.Wishing all members peace and health as we enter 2017.
Herbal Community of Central Mass

and Tower Hill Botanic Garden Events!


 Check out the regional herbal events coming up! See you there!



November 12, Cancer and Herbal Treatment  a panel presentation with Guido Masé, RH (AHG) Dr. Ian Bier, N.D., Ph.D L.Ac, FABNO, Dr. Uma V.A. Dhanabalan, MD, MPH, FAAFP, MRO, Chris Marano, RH (AHG,) Michael Busky, and Melanie Johnson. 


November 13,2016 DIY Bitters: Reviving the Forgotten Flavor  - A Guide To Making Your Own Bitters for Bartenders, Cocktail Enthusiasts, Herbalists, and More -presentation and book signing Clinical Herbalist and  co-author Guido Masé.



 "Essence of all beings is Earth. The essence of the Earth is water. The essence of water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being. "    -Upanishads


  HCOCM Mission:  A Central Mass Herbal Infusion of knowledge and events to increase awareness of herbal benefits.

Herbal Community is now officially 501(c)(7) non profit organization!