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Come to our meeting and get some holiday ideas the herbal way that are lovely scent-iments, healthy yet inexpensive!!


Upcoming Meeting

October 22, 2017

Annual Meeting, Potluck and Elections

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New slate of officers plus some minor changes to our By-Law will be voted on but best part, bring a dish to share and plan to catch up with herbal friends!  Recipe sharing is allowed.

For new Herbalists, come join us and see what we can do for your herbal membership! See membership tab above for benefits.

Meetings are held in the Old Sterling Town Hall (a.k.a. the Sterling Recreation Center), 31 Main St, Sterling MA, at 2 pm unless otherwise specified.

Come and join the Community!


The Wintergreen Herbal Market
Saturday, November 25th from 11am to 5pm
at The Armory in Somerville, MA

This FREE event features handcrafted herbal products and gifts, music, and educational demonstrations on herbal projects.  Shop for botanical crafts, winter teas, herbal products, and natural body care items. Learn how to make useful and fun herbal projects at home when you stop in to one of our educational demonstrations.
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⇒ Herbal Classes Coming Up! ⇐

Exclusive Offer for HCOCM members!! Chris Marano teaching Chinese Herbal Medicine locally but need minimum number to register.  Click for details on Chinese Herbal Medicine.  Will be discussing at next meeting. Don't miss out!

Biography: Chris Marano is a clinical and community herbalist in the Pioneer Valley with over thirty years experience and training in Western, Chinese, and Native American healing traditions. He is founder of Clearpath Herbals, providing high-quality herbal preparations, and of Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine, dedicated to the teaching of herbalism, holistic health, and Earth-based wisdom and sustainability. 

chris@clearpathherbals.com or (413) 230-1733.



Tower Hill Botanic Garden and HCOCM present:

 Jade Alicandro Mace of Milk and Honey Herbs

Hidden Healers in your Spice Rack

The culinary herbs and spices have been uses in cuisines throughout the world for thousands of years.  Not surprisingly, these herbs are just as medicinal as they are delicious!  Come learn the medicinal uses of many familiar culinary herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Basil, Fennel, Ginger, Cardamom, Turmeric, and more. In addition to learning their medicinal properties, we'll discuss ways to incorporate these plants into our meals as daily preventative healthcare measures, and also to treat problems as they arise. Recipes will be demonstrated and handouts will be provided!  

January 21, 2018 1:00-3:00.     Members will receive discount!



♦Recent Meetings♦

September 2017 Making of Elderberry syrup

Our fearless president, Karla Bigalow, gave us a demonstration making Elderberry Syrup. with the help of club advisor, Linda Russell's recipe and supplies.  A great winter immune booster and cold care syrup!







 August Meeting at Clover Springs Farm

Rachel Ross - Nurse, Midwife, Herbalist

See our Facebook for pictures. 

Club member Rachel Ross  of Hillside Herbals led our wild plant and tree walk at Clover Springs Farm  233 Ragged Hill Road, West Brookfield, MA.  Member Natalie Johnson, owner of Clover Springs Farm.




Salve making and what various salves are used for. Specifically, plantain and/or jewel weed salves are great to have on hand during summer.

May Meeting:  Trip to Pickety Place  A group of our members made the trip to Pickety Place in Mason, NH.  They had lunch, walked the gardens and shopped for plants.

April Meeting:  Fermentation Fun   In April, Donna Onacki presented "How to Make Kombucha", a fermented sweet tea.  She brought with her a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) so that our members would be able to get our own batches started.  We also sipped her hibiscus based kombucha, which was delicious!

March Meeting  High Tea and Herb talk. 

We had a delicious tea.   6  or so different teas to taste cucumber sandwiches and wonderful snacks.  We  checked in on our garden plans and helped each other with questions ideas and seeds.




November 12, 2016 Cancer and Herbal Treatment  a panel presentation with Guido Masé, RH (AHG) Dr. Ian Bier, N.D., Ph.D L.Ac, FABNO, Dr. Uma V.A. Dhanabalan, MD, MPH, FAAFP, MRO, Chris Marano, RH (AHG,) Michael Busky, and Melanie Johnson. 



 "Essence of all beings is Earth. The essence of the Earth is water. The essence of water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being. "    -Upanishads


  HCOCM Mission:  A Central Mass Herbal Infusion of knowledge and events to increase awareness of herbal benefits.

Herbal Community is now officially 501(c)(7) non profit organization!