2018 Club Notes

October 2017 to October 2019 will be an exciting term for our new ambitious officers! They each bring an extensive background in herbalism to create meaningful and knowledge intensive meetings and events.

President: Debra Halstead

Vice President: Natalie Johnson

Treasurer: Laura Busky

Secretary: Mary Sullivan


See what we have been up to so far:

HCOCM Annual Meeting Meeting Minutes 10-22-17

HCOCM Meeting Minutes 11.19.17

HCOCM Meeting Minutes 12-10-17


Hidden Healers in your Spice Rack

HCOCM Meeting Minutes 2-11-18 (2)

Feb2018Zoom Balls

HCOCM Officers Meeting2318

HCOCM Meeting Minutes3-4-18 (1)

2018 Chris Marano's Apprenticeship: Marano20181with newtimes  

2018 Sunday class herb schedule:  2018 MM Herb List