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Abbie White

Abbie White

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I was born in 1960 to parents who loved nature and encouraged my passion for plants and gardening.  Around my house in rural Central Massachusetts I have planted unusual edible plants for my climate that include pawpaws, persimmons, beach plums, quince, medlar, and cornelian cherries. My teenage son introduced me to an iPod in 2010.

I have learned much about herbalism from iTune podcasts of Herbmentor while planting, weeding, and harvesting.  I have been a forum subscriber since 2011.  I took a vacation day to attend one day of the 2011 International Herbs Symposium.  In 2013 I attended the conference for all three days.  I enjoyed attending a presentation by Stephen Harrod Buhner on June 15th, 2013 on Lyme Disease and Co-infections.  In January 2014 I went to my first meeting of HCOCM and felt immediately that I belonged there. 

I am presently a staff member of a biology department at a university and have an analytical and scientific perspective.  My ideal career path would be to combine my scientific skills and love of plants with the advance and understanding of herbalism in my local community.