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  1. Regarding April meeting From Drea Davis:

    These are tips and tricks I have gathered from different sources just on basic business expansion/getting started. My business isn’t necessarily herbs but I am in the healing field.

    1. Networking, meeting people and is probably the most important part of getting your message out there. If you are starting from scratch and don’t already have established clients and or customers, meeting new people and joining relevant meetup groups and events is key to getting people’s eyes on your business. Remind your family and friends what you are up to and ask them to keep your business cards on them. You never know when they will be talking to someone that may need your service.
    2. I know in our circle it’s rare that people are on social media regularly, let alone two three times a day… But I have received a lot of feedback from people in the business that it’s really important to post at least once or twice a day on social media. I’m still trying to get that down…
    3. Speaking engagements
    One of the best ways to get noticed as knowledgeable in your field is through setting up workshops or seminars. Another step I am working on…
    4. It’s really tough! Ask for help.

  2. Thanks Abbie! We missed you. We are making oxemel at next meeting. Hope you can make it!

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