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This page is to collect useful documents and methodology to help enhance herbal knowledge.  If you have a document to share, contact office@hcocm.org.

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Drying and storing herbs


Infusions are generally talking about herbs being extracted with water, oil or vinegar.

Water Infusions:


Michael Moore's List of Cold Infused Herbs


Clinical Intake Forms complements of VHIC:

During Guido Masé's lecture in Feb. 2012,  he gave us permission to share VCIH  consent and intake forms with the attendees. They are very thorough and well written for the clients.   For those looking into clinical herbalism, this is valuable with the language carefully indicating that the client is responsible for giving all information applicable to treatment and are taking it at their own discretion.



Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism


Making an herbal tincture - 2013

By Guido Masé of Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.  A very useful document for the amateurs and professionals in the fine art of tincture making.


Download this Tincture Calculator via excel form. Based on Richo Cech's "Making Plant Medicine" and configured by Steven Hocurscak 

Tincture Calculations Richo Cech's Making Plant Medicine